ChatFox Academy

What Is ChatFox?

ChatFox is a Slack App That Builds Remote Team Culture. We offer multiple chats that increase team engagement and build meaningful relationships across remote teams. We do this with Icebreakers, Coffee Chats, and Shout Outs. Watch our short videos to learn how each chat and feature works

1. Setup Profile & Calendar

In order to get started there is a quick setup required. You will need to provide your birthday and connect your Google or Outlook Calendar. If you want more or fewer chats in individual or multiple channels talk to your admin. There is a lot of flexibility but your Slack or ChatFox admin will need to make the changes.

2. Icebreakers

Icebreakers are questions that get the conversation going across your organization. They will be posted on the selected channel set by your admin. To answer a question click on the Answer Icebreaker button. All answers will be posted on a thread where you and your team can comment.

3. Coffee Chats

Coffee Chats are randomly selected video conversations with up to 3 individuals across your organization. In order to participate you will need to make sure that you have connected your calendar and that your admin has setup a day for coffee chats.

4. Shout Outs

ShoutOuts are recommendations based on skills. You can setup a ShoutOut any time by clicking the lightning bolts (short cut) button below the slack messaging window. Scroll down to the ChatFox app and select ShoutOuts. Your ShoutOut will be posted publicly in the channel on the day set up by your admin.

4. Support

Email us at or message us from within the app on the ChatFox Messages tab.

Here Are Some Useful Guides:

June 5, 2020

How Does ChatFox Customization Work?

Setting up custom questions, values, behaviors, and norms are easy with ChatFox. You can simply add or remove any question from our Icebreakers to focus on key questions that are important to your team's culture. Or you can add values, behaviors, and norms that team members reinforce by recommending them in Shout Outs.

Automated Engaging Employee Conversation Starters
May 20, 2020

How Do ChatFox Employee Engagement Charts Work?

Evaluating team engagement is one of the biggest challenges for any leader. Traditionally team member engagement has been evaluated using employee surveys, testing, and behavioral observation. ChatFox Engagement Charts provide a new and effective way to observe remote team member engagement.

May 14, 2020

How Do ChatFox Team Member Profiles Work?

We have built a relevant team member profile that includes insights into who they are as a professional, as a team member and as a human being. Team member profiles highlight endorsements from actual team members who work together on a daily basis.

May 2, 2020

How To Access ChatFox Slack Homepage & Settings?

Making sure that our service does not conflict with already proven team events has been key in seeing our engagement grow.

Birthday App
April 30, 2020

How Do ChatFox ShoutOuts Work?

We built ChatFox Shout Outs because team member recognition is an important contribution to any great culture. Teams that work closely together value the contributions of their team members and want to recognize their team member's work.

April 29, 2020

How Do ChatFox Coffee Chats Work?

We built ChatFox Coffee Chats so that you as a team member have the ability to connect at a meaningful level with colleagues across your organization in order to build new professional relationships.

April 29, 2020

How Do ChatFox Icebreakers Work?

Our icebreaker feature was built to build rapport among remote team members so that it is easier to build working relationships and communicate with team members.

April 25, 2020

Getting Started With ChatFox

Getting Started With ChatFox. Testing, channel setup, feature activation, daily chat configuration.