HR & Leadership Team

ChatFox delivers the data they need to improve employee engagement, rewards, skills assessments, and communication.

  • Increase employee mobility
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Reinforce company values
  • Define employee technical and soft skills

Remote Team Members

ChatFox helps remote teams get to know each other in the most engaging way possible.

  • Get to know your remote team members
  • Build one on one relationships
  • Get team feedback
  • Get rewarded for your engagement
Team Icebreakers

Get a feed with team member answers to group questions. Learn about team member hobbies, likes and dislikes in order to encourage team member connections. All of the responses are stored in employee profiles so that team members can prepare for other meetings. Add custom questions that are important to your team.

Coffee Chats

We will help you find 15 minutes in your busy schedule to connect with new people across your organization. No need for an awkward silence...we supply team pages with Icebreaker and Shout Out responses. Connect your Google or Outlook Calendar to be sure you make time every week. We provide video links so that you do not need to fumble around with other tools and can focus on building new relationships. Fully automated so that team members do not waste time setting meetings.

Team Shout Outs

Let your team members know when they have made an important contribution. Share details about how they made an impact as well as the skills they used. We will automatically collect those skills so that team members know who has the right skills for the next project. Add custom skills, values, and norms that are important to your team.

Team Member Profiles

All users can access team member profiles. These pages allow team mates to see all of their ChatFox chat history in order to get to know colleagues, prepare for meetings, and find connections. Don't wait until your meeting to get an irrelevant icebreaker, look at team member profiles to start building meaningful connections right away!

Admin Tools In Slack

Review your team's activity, access team member history, access settings, update slack channels, update chat schedules, and turn on/off chats all within Slack.

Rewards for Engaged Participants

Team members receive points for participation and recommendations. Use those points to reward your most engaged and proactive team members.

ChatFox Engagement Charts

One of the biggest challenges for any company team engagement initiatives is evaluating if your initiatives are working or not work. That is why we built ChatFox Chat Metrics. These simple charts give you a birds-eye view of how engaged your team is every week.

Data Download

Download all of your team members' participation points, Icebreaker responses, skills and Shout Out recommendations. Use the data in your own HRM and employee profiles in order to improve skills assessments, rewards, and internal mobility.

Time Zones

ChatFox has built in time zone algorithms that confirm each team member's time zone in Slack and determines when the Slack user is active. This enables our app to notify employees at an optimal time to increase participation. It also prevents unwanted late-night notifications.


Your team members can add their birthday so that everyone can acknowledge them on their special day. Happy Birthday!

Start Building Your Remote Team Culture