Use Cases

Get The Conversation Started & Increase Employee Engagement

Strong team relationships are key to great communication and great communication drives productivity. ChatFox helps improve team communication by engaging employees to build more meaningful relationships.


Conversation Starters

Getting the conversation started is the first and most important step in building more meaningful work relationships. Our customers use our automated chats to break the ice with fun easy to use icebreakers. All the responses are stored for easy access.


Employee Engagement

Your team is busy delivering on their responsibilities. Engaging with their colleagues often becomes secondary even though it directly impacts their ability to communicate. Our clients use ChatFox to increase engagement not just on teams or departments, but across organizations.



Communication across organizations is a given but building the professional relationships that facilitate strong communication is often ignored. When you build more meaningful team relationships communication improves. Our customers care about the relationships built at work that improve communication.


Employee Recognition

Your team needs to know that they are delivering. Company success stories are the backbone of culture. Sharing those stories creates the foundation of the organization, its goals and its values. Our customer use Shout Outs to publicly tell employee success stories and the the skills and values they used to be successful.



Building meaningful relationships with new team members is essential for productivity and culture. Use Icebreakers to get people to share personal insights. Ensure you have everyone's anniversary and birthday set up in order to celebrate key dates. Ensure new hires are praised when they meet milestones. 


One On One Feedback

Quickly setup non confrontational feedback that can get conversations going between team members and managers. Feedback is based on non violent communication in order to get to the bottom of people's needs. Use the chat history to keep the conversation going for weekly catch up sessions and employee reviews. 


Remote Working

Working from home creates an entirely new set of challenges around employee engagement and communication. Our customers use ChatFox to automate the chats that start and drive employee engagement. This generates more meaningful conversations that become the glue that holds remote teams together.


Company Culture

Company culture is unique to every organization. Your story, goals, and values are the foundation of your culture. ChatFox chats are configurable and customizable to meet your unique needs. Our customers us ChatFox chats to share those stories, reinforce those values and reach those goals. 

Get The Conversation Started