Use Cases

Build A Competitive Advantage With Remote Team Building & Culture

The goal of any team is to maximize productivity so that your company maintains its competitive advantage and continues to grow. Team member productivity is an ongoing challenge whether your team is remote or not. ChatFox helps you build the right remote team culture which engages your team, lowers isolation, and increases happiness which in turn increases productivity. Our Chatbot automates team engagement in a meaningful way. Our data helps you better manage your remote team.

Engage Your Remote Team

  • Automate chats that get your team talking.
  • Keep your team interested with varied chats.
  • Keep it consistent with a chat schedule.
  • Track engagement with points.

Fight Remote Team Isolation

  • Build rapport with interests, hobbies, and goals.
  • Align team members with regular conversations.
  • Acknowledge team member contributions.
  • Endorse team member skills and impacts.

Build Remote Team Culture

  • Learn how you connect with your team.
  • Build relationships across the organization.
  • Define what values and skills the team needs.
  • Know who is actively participating in team building.

Generate Team Member Profiles

  • Access team member skills, interests and values.
  • Visualize team member engagement.
  • Know how team members are participating.
  • Develop stronger relationships with knowledge.

Remote Team Building

  • Implement automated chats for team building. 
  • Use custom questions that are relevant to your team goals.
  • Use custom skills that are relevant to your team values.
  • See who is engaged.

Create A Competitive Advantage

  • People drive company success.
  • Engaged employees are more productive.
  • Strong relationships encourage better communication.
  • A great culture attracts and retains top talent.

Start Building Your Remote Team Culture