Getting Started With ChatFox

Getting Started With ChatFox

April 25, 2020

Prepare For Download & Setup

You are going to want to do a few things before you download ChatFox. Setup is very straight forward. Your team can receive their first Icebreakers within one minute of downloading ChatFox into Slack. We want to make sure that your team is prepared for ChatFox before the chatbot starts engaging your team.

Inform Your Leaders, Slack Admins & Team Members

When ever there is a drive to build or improve your corporate culture it is important that all stakeholders within the organization are involved. Clear communication leads to a smoother implementation, better adoption and a higher return on investment. You take care of the notifications and we’ll take care of the user experience. Here is an example of a message you can send your team.

“Hey Team, I wanted to let everyone know that we are implementing a Slack bot call ChatFox that builds remote team culture. It will help increase team engagement and reinforce our team values. They do this with multiple chats a week, an icebreaker question, a coffee chat, and a Shout Out. The responses to the chats are posted on the feed of the designated channel. You can learn more about how it works here:

Choose Your Slack Channels – Must Have Admin Access

You can choose up to 3 different channels for each of the ChatFox features Icebreakers, Coffee Chats, and Shout Outs. We suggest creating a new channel for testing or choosing a channel with fewer than 10 people in it for testing. Responses to ChatFox Icebreakers and Shout Outs are shared in whichever channels you designate. Depending on your team size this can make the channel very active. If you do not have admin control of the channel you will not be able to select the channel.


The level of testing depends on the size of your organization. If you expect to have more than 10 people in the designated Slack channel you are going to want to test ChatFox on a Slack channel with fewer users first. Testing is not to make sure that it works, it is to be informed of how it works so that you can field any questions from your team. We allow for 25 free chat engagements a month, this is more than enough needed to test our service. If you decide to test with a group of less than 8 you will be able to test with a free plan. If you want to test with more people then email We like to play it safe, we hope you do too!


You can download ChatFox for Slack by searching ChatFox in the Slack App Directory or Visiting On the website, you can select the “Add To Slack” button. In the Slack App Directory, you can click the “Sign In To Install button”.

Setup, Homepage & Settings

Once you have downloaded ChatFox into Slack you will see a notification next to the ChatFox App. Look for a notification in the ChatFox App Channel under Apps at the bottom of the sidebar menu. Click on the app and follow the prompts.

Make sure that “Home” is selected on the top menu:

Access ChatFox settings by clicking on settings at the top right of the homepage:

Setting Up Your Chat Cadence

Weekly ChatFox Chats


Icebreakers are engaging questions that we send to your team. Responses to the questions show up in a thread of the selected channel for everybody on the team to see. This allows team members to learn more about their colleagues on a personal level. Team members often start a longer discussion by commenting on the responses.

Coffee Chats

Coffee Chats are short team member meetings with up to 3 people where you can discuss topics other than work for 10 minutes. Attendees are randomly chosen across ChatFox users on your team. The ChatFox app will prompt the user to pick multiple times during the day when the user is available. The App will automatically identify a time that will work for multiple users. The purpose of Coffee Chats is to encourage team members who would not normally engage with each other to meet up for a short casual discussion to learn more about each other. As there are only 3 people during a coffee chat it encourages attendees to contribute to the conversation.

Shout Outs

Shoutouts are your team’s opportunity to share how their team members have contributed to their success. All Shoutouts are shared on the selected Slack Channel for all team members to see. A Shoutout can be a short thank you or a great story about a team member’s contribution. The skills used by the team member to contribute will be highlighted and endorsed by the team member that is sharing the Shoutout.

User Setup & Profiles

All ChatFox users can access the team member profiles of their teammates using ChatFox. The purpose of the team member pages is to give team member talking points for coffee chats and other future conversations. Team member profiles have a full history of all team member Icebreaker responses, Shout Outs received, and Shout Outs shared.

Chat Metrics

One of the biggest challenges for any company culture initiatives is evaluating if your initiatives are working or not work. That is why we built ChatFox Chat Metrics. These simple charts give you a birds-eye view of how engaged your team is currently and over time. ChatFox Chat Metrics can be found on the ChatFox Slack Homepage…you can’t miss them.


Every activity that your team members participate in will earn them points. This is an easy way for you and your team members to see who has been contributing to team engagement. Team member points are displayed on the Team Member Page on the ChatFox Slack Homepage.


About ChatFox

ChatFox is a Slack chatbot that builds remote team culture. Remote teams that only engage through projects, tasks, and deadlines do not foster a culture around shared values and goals. Build a strong remote team culture, improve remote team productivity, and eliminate team member isolation. Use ChatFox Icebreakers to build rapport with team members, use ChatFox Coffee Chats to have meaningful conversations with people across your organization, or use ChatFox Shout Outs to recommend a colleague and endorse their skills. Unlike other remote team solutions, ChatFox looks at remote team culture from a strategic perspective and has created engaging chats for your team that provide management with insights into remote team engagement, skills, contributions, and mobility.


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