How Do ChatFox Team Member Profiles Work?

How Do ChatFox Team Member Profiles Work?

May 14, 2020

Getting to know team members new and old is not very easy when you are working from home. You will likely have access to their Linkedin profile, but what does that say about them, that they have a long history of work and education? That people you do not know and probably have never worked with them endorsed skills that they may or may not have?

We have built a relevant team member profile that includes insights into who they are as a professional, as a team member and as a human being. Team member profiles highlight endorsements from actual team members who work together on a daily basis. ChatFox Team Member Profiles help all team members learn more about each other in order to build meaningful professional relationships that drive your company culture.

How To Access Team Profiles

You can access team member profiles on the ChatFox Homepage. You can access the ChatFox Slack Homepage by clicking on the ChatFox App on the Slack sidebar menu.

Select your team member from the dropdown menu above the avatar image:

Team Member History

Access all of the selected team members Icebreaker and Shout Out History:

How To Use ChatFox Team Member Profiles

ChatFox Team Member Profiles were built so that you can learn about your team members and build more meaningful relationships even if you do not see all of the ChatFox updates in your Slack Channel. Here are some ways to us the information:

  1. Prepare for ChatFox Coffee Chats.
  2. Prepare for team meetings.
  3. Team member trivia.
  4. Find team members with shared interests.
  5. Know who on your team has the skills that you need.
  6. See who on your team is the most engaged.
  7. Know who on your team has contributed to the team’s success.

About ChatFox

ChatFox is a Slack chatbot that builds remote team culture. Remote teams that only engage through projects, tasks, and deadlines do not foster a culture around shared values and goals. Build a strong remote team culture, improve remote team productivity, and eliminate team member isolation. Use ChatFox Icebreakers to build rapport with team members, use ChatFox Coffee Chats to have meaningful conversations with people across your organization, or use ChatFox Shout Outs to recommend a colleague and endorse their skills. Unlike other remote team solutions, ChatFox looks at remote team culture from a strategic perspective and has created engaging chats for your team that provide management with insights into remote team engagement, skills, contributions, and mobility.


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