Virtual Coffee Chats

Automate daily, weekly, or monthly coffee chats on Slack. Our coffee chats automatically find 15 minutes on your Google or Outlook calendar to connect team members across the organization. Once you have chosen a cadence and your team has connected their calendar you and your team are all set.

Conversation Starters
Virtual Coffee

We will help you find 15 minutes in your busy schedule to connect with new people across your organization. No need for an awkward silence...we supply team pages with Icebreaker and Shout Out responses. Connect your Google or Outlook Calendar to be sure you make time every week. We provide video links so that you do not need to fumble around with other tools and can focus on building new relationships. Fully automated so that team members do not waste time setting meetings.

More Chats To Choose From:



Get a feed with team member answers to group questions. Learn about team member hobbies, likes and dislikes in order to encourage team member connections.

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Shout Outs

Let your team members know when they have made a contribution. Share recognition about how they made an impact as well as all the skills and values they reinforced

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It's the little things that create day-to-day happiness. Never forget your team members' birthdays again. It is easy to add individual birthdays then celebrate with your team.

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Connect Over A Virtual Coffee