ShoutOuts For Employee Recognition

Our ShoutOuts allow you to recognize team members in slack publicly for delivering on key skills and values. Setup a ShoutOut any time and they will be posted based on your preferred cadence. Download the recommendations for employee reviews and one on ones.

Team Shout Outs

Let your team members know when they have made an important contribution. Share details about how they made an impact as well as the skills they used. We will automatically collect those skills so that team members know who has the right skills for the next project. Add custom skills, values, and norms that are important to your team.

Conversation Starters

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Get a feed with team member answers to group questions. Learn about team member hobbies, likes and dislikes in order to encourage team member connections.

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Virtual Coffee

Find 15 minutes to connect with people across your organization. ChatFox automatically sets a time, generates a video link, and provides previous Icebreaker answers.

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It's the little things that create day-to-day happiness. Never forget your team members' birthdays again. It is easy to add individual birthdays then celebrate with your team.

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Start Recognizing Team Members With ShoutOuts