AppSumo Startup Team Lifetime Offer!

AppSumo Startup Team Lifetime Offer!

November 18, 2020

We just launched a lifetime offer on AppSumo for teams of under 20 for $39!

Whether you are a current ChatFox customer or a new ChatFox customer you can take advantage of this amazing deal. The offer includes all of our features:

  • Customizable chat cadence.
  • Multiple chat cadences for each chat.
  • Customizable Icebreakers.
  • Customizable ShoutOuts.
  • Fully automated Coffee Chats with video links and calendar connections.
  • Engagement charts.
  • Team profiles.
  • Time zone algorithms.

Please Leave A Review On AppSumo!

As you can see below this is a brand new offer without any reviews. We need your help to get this offer moving with reviews.

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About ChatFox

ChatFox is a Slack chatbot that builds remote team culture. Remote teams that only engage through projects, tasks, and deadlines do not foster a culture around shared values and goals. Build a strong remote team culture, improve remote team productivity, and eliminate team member isolation. Use ChatFox Icebreakers to build rapport with team members, use ChatFox Coffee Chats to have meaningful conversations with people across your organization, or use ChatFox Shout Outs to recommend a colleague and endorse their skills. Unlike other remote team solutions, ChatFox looks at remote team culture from a strategic perspective and has created engaging chats for your team that provide management with insights into remote team engagement, skills, contributions, and mobility.


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