How Do You Like Your Employee Rewards?

How Do You Like Your Employee Rewards?

June 19, 2021

Our team is developing an employee rewards program to increase employee participation and engagement for our conversation starters. All within Slack! We are looking for early testers to provide their insight and feedback to deliver an automated dream rewards program. The rewards program will meet the needs of CEOs, leadership, HR, and team members. Do you find your current rewards program limiting? Register as an early user risk-free:

What We Are Evaluating For Employee Rewards

Here are some of the things that are important to our current customers. We would love to get your insight!

Points System

ChatFox already has points built-in. Users earn points by participating in ChatFox conversation starters. Every time they answer an icebreaker, share a ShoutOut, give feedback, or participate in a virtual coffee they earn points. We want to give team members the ability to trade these points for rewards. HR managers and Leaders will have the ability to configure the points system to their needs.

Automated Employee Rewards

ChatFox automates conversation starters in Slack. It makes sense that we will automate rewards as well. Employee rewards are to be built into the current dashboard and allow admins to automated rewards.

Reward Innovation & Diversity

Most platforms offer one form of rewards like gift cards or experiences. Innovative rewards, like cryptocurrency and charity, are more expensive and are left off the table. Each team is unique in its culture, which is why rewards should be too. We are evaluating ways to offer any and all rewards that would motivate your team members. This includes cryptocurrency, charitable donations, experiences, investments, gift cards, and company swag.


We are not looking to create more problems. You can already set ChatFox and forget it. Rewards will keep that simplicity that runs through our solution.


The purpose of building ChatFox was always to provide a value-driven solution. By automating our conversation starters we are able to pass on any savings to customers from our innovative solution. Rewards are no different. Firstly, business models where customers pay when they see enough value to actually use it are what we like best. Secondly, It will be a transaction-based payment model so that we only get paid if you are distributing rewards to your team.

About ChatFox

Employees that work across an organization don’t have the same opportunity to get to know each other in the hallways, the water cooler, or around meetings. These opportunities to build meaningful professional relationships directly impact the way employees work together and communicate. ChatFox increases employee engagement by building more meaningful relationships across your organization, department, and team. Conversations are started using Virtual Coffees, Icebreakers, ShoutOuts, Feedback, and Birthdays. ChatFox provides customizable chat cadences, custom Icebreaker questions, and custom ShoutOut skills within Slack to reinforce your organization’s values.


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